Stay in the Right Zone

Establish your max heart rate when swimming, set your heart rate zones, train with accuracy, and race knowing your limits.


Get accurate real-time heart rate captured from your temple via our integrated sensor onboard our Smart Swim 2 goggles.


Dial in a snug and comfortable fit to ensure the most accurate real-time heart rate data metrics.


Continuously monitor your heart rate and adjust your effort as you swim in response to changes you see in your heart rate.

White paper

Researching what’s the most accurate way to see real-time heart rate while swimming?

Explore the following white paper comparing FORM's Smart Swim 2 goggles against ECG and wrist-based heart rate monitors, including a technical deep dive into the science and research.

  • FORM’s Smart Swim 2 goggles demonstrate an overall accuracy rate of 97% in monitoring an individual's true heart rate compared to an ECG chest strap.
  • FORM’s Smart Swim 2 goggles exhibit an average deviation of +/- 4 beats per minute (bpm) in heart rate measurement compared to an ECG chest strap.
  • In contrast, wrist-based heart rate monitoring displays a variance of +/-10 bpm compared to an ECG chest strap.

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